ArcLight NIR & IR light sources

The Arcoptix ArcLight NIR & IR are versatile broadband lamps optimized for the VIS-NIR (400 – 4,000nm) or MIR (1-25μm) spectral ranges. The light sources used in the ArcLight lamps are the brightest available, ensuring that you will achieve the best signal-to-noise ratio in your application. The lamps feature a high-end stabilized electronic power supply and a variable mechanical attenuator. They are supplied with a removable fiber coupler enabling free-space of fiber-coupled operation.

ArcLight NIR ArcLight IR
Spectral range 400-4,000 nm 1-25 μm
Spectral range 25,000-2,500 cm-1 10,000 - 400 cm-1
Temperature ~2,850 K ~1,400 K
Rated lifetime 4,000 h 10,000 h
Lamp power 20 W 20 W
Lamp type QTH (halogen) SiC globar
Removable fiber coupler

NA = 0.25
CaF2 lens

NA = 0.3
Off-axis parabolic mirror

Output beam
Operational temperature range 5-40 °C
Attenuator Manual iris diaphragm
Cooling Forced air
Power requirement 12V
(100-240V AC to 12V DC converter included)
Dimensions 92mm x 92mm x 43mm (without fiber coupler)
140mm x 92mm x 43mm (with fiber coupler)
Weight 390 g
  • Broadband
  • Highest intensity and color temperature
  • VIS-NIR and IR versions available
  • Removable fiber coupler
  • Mechanical attenuator
DOWNLOADpdf description of the ArcLight lamps