FT-NIR (Near-infrared) fibered spectrometers. Range 900nm-2600nm (3800-11000 cm-1). High performances for a low price!
Mid-infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers with TE-cooled MCT detectors. Different Vailable Ranges up to 2-12 μm (830-5000 cm-1) .

FT-IR and FT-NIR modules (light sources, interferometers, detectors) for OEM integration or customized systems.

FTIR-FC with fiber in and output
All-in-one spectrometer with fiber couplers and integrated IR source for operation with IR fibered probes (e.g. ATR fibered probes).
UV-VIS-NIR fiber-input spectrometer
The fiber-coupled spectrometer covering the worldwide broadest spectral range: 200 to 2600nm!
Spectrometer covering 360 to 2500nm and including and integrating sphere. Ideal for reflectance and TSR measurements on on paints, plastics, pigments.