Compact FTIR for operation with a fiber output and input

The Arcoptix FTIR-FC (Fiber-Coupling) is a variant of our FTIR Rocket spectrometer especially designed for operation with mid-IR optical fiber probes. It is a plug-and-play instrument including an IR source, high-stability interferometer, IR detector and SMA fiber couplers. The instrument was especially developed with process-monitoring applications in mind, using for example fibered ATR probes or other fibred sensing probes.

4-TE or Liquid-Nitrogen cooled MCT detectors available
The Arcoptix FTIR-FC can be equipped with both 4-stage thermo-electrically (TE) cooled or liquid-nitrogen cooled MCT detectors. The TE-cooled detectors in the FTIR-FC are the most sensitive TE-cooled detectors availabe on the market and offer a reliable and maintenance-free operation. For ultimate sensitivity levels, the FTIR-FC can also be equipped with a liquid-nitrogen cooled detector. The 4-TE and liquid-nitrogen cooled detectors are intercheangable by the user.
  • Ideal for operation with fibered probes
  • All-in-one solution: source, interferometer, detector and fiber-couplers
  • Most compact fiber-coupled FT-IR on the market
  • Available with TE-cooled or liquid-nitrogen cooled MCT detectors
Please contact directly Arcoptix to discuss about your application.
FTIR specifications
Spectral Range [1/cm] 5000-800 5000-625
Spectral Range [μm]


Detector Type

MCT, 4-TE cooled

MCT, liquid nitrogen cooled
Detector D* [cm Hz1/2W-1] >2.5E9 >3E10
Interferometer type Permanently aligned, double retro-reflector design
Beam-splitter material


Resolution (unapodized) [cm-1]


Wavenumber repeatability <10PPM
Scan frequency

1 spectrum / second

Reference laser Temperature-stabilized solid-state laser @850nm
Integrated light source 20W SiC globar with electronic stabilization
Operating temperature 5°C-40°C
Fiber optic interfaces SMA 905 connectors, fiber core up to Ø 1mm, NA=0.3
2 connectors for 4mm OD tubes 2 connectors for 4mm OD tubes
Power requirement 12V / 30W
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Software Interface Windows 7/10 API for controlling the instrument via our DLL
Weight 2.2Kg
There are no entries for now


Free GUI basic software

The FTIR Rocket is delivered with a free Windows 7 and Windows 10 compatible graphical user interface (GUI) program.

The free basic software package allows the user to:

  • Configure hardware measurement parameters (aplifier gain, averaging, ...)
  • Display real-time spectral measurement results
  • Set reference spectra (white, dark) and choose among raw spectra, transmission or reflection mode
  • Usual features such as save, open, zoom, rescale...
  • Some specific features related to Fourier transform spectrometry: choose among spectrum or interferogram averaging, apodization, look and save the interferograms, etc.
Free API & Examples

The FTIR Rocket is also delivered with a free API that allows you to control the spectrometer with custom code via our DLLs. Examples are available for the following langauges:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Labview
  • Matlab
Advanced data processing & analysis software
In collaboration with Labcognition GmbH in Germany we also offer additional Panorama software packages:
Math Add-on module

contains a set of standard manipulation operations used in spectroscopy, like normalization, derivative, baseline correction, peak picking and more. In addition some special operations are available, like multiplicative scatter correction, thickness correction or standard normal variate correction and others.

Quantity Add-on module
is an expert in multivariate data analysis with quantitative methods like PLS and MLR. A convenient and intuitive wizard guides your through all steps of calibration model development. Complex statistical methods become very easy to use even for non-experienced users.
Search Add-on module
is an ideal add-on to archive your spectroscopic data and related information. It includes spectrum and full text search functionality on spectral libraries of various different library formats or directly on data in the file system.
IRAnalyze software package

is a highly sophisticated IR spectrum interpretation tool. Based on an IR spectrum it provides you with automatic results for IR bands to functional group correlations and their characteristic frequencies. Furthermore it is a comprehensive electronic dictionary to browse frequiencies for correlated IR bands.


Please contact directly Arcoptix to inform about the best probe for your appliaction
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