Liquid-crystal products

ARCoptix offers a large palette of liquid crystal products with special functionalities. These products are mainly dedicated for R&D and academic research purposes.

This worldwide unique product converts a beam with a linear Polarization into a radially or azimuthally distributed Polarization instantaneously almost without loss!

This very versatile device permits to obtain for example a perfect spiral phase for producing vortex beams without loss. With a linear input Polarization it also possible to produce radial or azimuthal Polarization. Therefore, the device can be electrically adjusted to work for every wavelength between 400 and 1700nm... Amazing device!

This product is ideal for optical setups where a variable phase retardance must be introduced into an optical path. The phase retardance can be simply adjusted with a controllable bias and losses are minimal.

The liquid crystal is capable to perfectly rotate your Polarization by 45° or 90° and this, independently of the entrance wavelength.