FT-NIR (Near-infrared) fibered spectrometers. Range 900nm-2500nm (4000-11000 cm-1). High performances for a low price!
Mid-infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers with MCT detectors (TE and LN2 cooled) or DLATGS.. Different Vailable Ranges up to 2-16 μm (650-5000 cm-1) .

FT-IR and FT-NIR modules (light sources, interferometers, detectors) for OEM integration or customized systems.

FT-IR with input/output fiber coupler
All-in-one spectrometer with fiber couplers and integrated IR source for operation with IR fibered probes.
VIS-NIR fiber-input spectrometer
The fiber-coupled spectrometer covering the worldwide broadest spectral range: 350 to 2600nm!
Spectrometer covering 360 to 2500nm and including and integrating sphere. Ideal for reflectance and TSR measurements on on paints, plastics, pigments.
IR Lamps
Compact 20W IR Lamp. For free space or fibered coupled applications..
OEM FTIR Gas anlyser. Compact and robust OEM module for integration in FTIR gas analyser systems.
Full standalone FTIR gas analyzer. Ideal for field measurements of multiple gas mixtures and ambiant air..