About us
ARCoptix is a manufacturer of optical measurement systems. Our most popular products are FTIR spectrometers and liquid crystal systems. We are located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, along the ARC of the Jura mountains in the heart of the high-tech watch valley.
ARCoptix has been founded by four engineering experts in 2005. The company is privately owned.
ARCoptix has strong partnerships with the EPFL (the Swiss Federal Institure of Technology Lausanne), the BFH (Bern University of Applied Sciences), and the local watch industry. Thanks to these collaborations we dispose of high-tech fabrication and characterization facilities as well as specialized expertise in the field of optics and microtechnology.
ARCoptix works with a broad range of customers. Our main business is based on our unique FTIR spectrometers. Beside this core activity, we also develop optical systems for companies that do not have expertise in the field of optics or cannot afford an expensive R&D department.